Is Jiu Jitsu A Good Workout?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Fitness


Jiujitsu is one of the most famous and widely practiced types of martial arts anywhere on the planet. It is incredibly popular with countless different people, of all backgrounds and ages. Everybody can find something in the sport and genuinely benefit from it. No matter whether you are interested in becoming more able in self-defense, want to be fitter, or simply more mentally agile, it is a great sport. The benefits that you will take away from the art are plentiful. Both physically and mentally, you can expect to see real growth and development, personalized to you. All you need to do is find a space to learn and practice that allows you to hone in on all the areas that are important to you. The good news for you is that when you come to Fenix Highlanders Club, we make sure that we provide you with all the means to help you achieve just that. 

Jiu-Jitsu is A World Class Workout 


Jiu-Jitsu is undeniably a great workout. It can help you to train and optimize various different parts of your body, as well as bring you immense mental gain. It will balance well with so many aspects of your life and fitness, no doubt making an impact that goes well beyond just the fighting ability you will explore. It is a world-class workout. And, by training in our world-class facilities, you will find just how outstanding those levels truly can be. 

 Physical Benefits 


There are many different benefits that come from training in Jiu-Jitsu. Whether you are interested in building up a more balanced spread of muscle strength, want to optimize your flexibility, or are placing a focus on your aerobic health, it is the sport for you. 

In terms of aerobics, Jiu-Jitsu is a very prominent martial art. Physically intense but allowing you the time and the space to breathe, it is ideal for your aerobic health. You can engage all parts of the body while oxygenating blood in a rhythmic way, learning how to control and engage this all the more, the longer you practice. As a subsequent, the art is also a very potent tool in helping you to control your own blood pressure, as it becomes a more prevalent problem for people today. 

At the same time, Jiu-Jitsu will help you to improve your flexibility and your mobility. In order to fully capitalize on the throws and leverage, you need to be a mobile individual. You need to trigger certain parts of the body in specific ways, with control, flow, and rhythm. By enhancing your flexibility and mobility, you will be able to do these much better and use those same abilities in other parts of your life. 

There is also the added benefit of increasing and balancing your strength. As you use and train more muscles, you will naturally build mass and tone. But this will be a much more balanced practice than simply lifting weights in the gym. You will no doubt start to see a range of muscles improving, from your core to your chest, your shoulders to your back, and of course your legs and arms. It is a workout in utter equilibrium, making it a great sport to adopt for any keen trainer. 

 Mental Benefits 


There are also a host of unique mental benefits that come from learning the ways of Jiu-Jitsu. Literally translating to gentle art, it is all about having control over yourself and avoiding aggression and violence. From the offset, this is fantastic for your mental state. It is a great way to gain a hold on any aggressive tendencies that you have and learn to counter these. Moreover, many people have stated just how much training in Jiu-Jitsu helped them to fight their own struggles with mental health issues, including depression among others. It is recommended by many phycologists as a personal release and a way to truly combat and understand your personal struggles. 

At the same time, some of the most consistent mental benefits to come from training in the art are a reduction in stress and greatly improved sleep. These are all a part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and something that anybody interested in training should explore. So, if you are genuinely inclined to make a real improvement to your body, in both physical and mental ways, you should explore exactly what it is that you could achieve by taking up Jiu Jitsu for yourself.